“Barbara Heller is BIG…Her Talent is unquestionably BIG!”-Bart Greenberg

Review in Cabaret Scenes by Bart Greenberg on The Love Show- A Cabaret by Barbara Heller and Friends 

An Artists Journey of how Art Builds Confidence to set you Free!

Click to read words by the great Evey on Barbara Heller and her Artistic Journey. 

On "Finding Barb, The Musical"

“Very clever and a lot of fun!”

-Debbie Liebling, Red Hour Films 

“The show’s pretty songs — beautifully sung — are composed by Avi Avliav, who performs live on electric piano, conveying sensitivity and flair.  Heller, dominates the stage with her confessional, Unafraid to play dorky, sometimes childish and ever hopeful, Heller brings a fearless approach to her story that proves endearing. Director Eva Minemar has selected a bare-bones staging approach that complements Heller’s courageous, unvarnished performance.”

-Pauline Adamek, LA Weekly

On “Finding Barb” (in Hebrew)

by Ayala Or-El

“Finding Barb is like spending a few hours with a fun, quirky, and very talented friend.   The show is terrific!”

-Jeff Schechter, TV Writer

“Barbara Heller, a multi-talented actress and writer, who in approximately 1 and a half hours, took her audience from her childhood to the present…Everyone over 18 will identify and appreciate the sensitivity and charm of this theatrical musical presentation.”
-Barry Rubin, Entertainment Attorneyo.

Observant life in progress

by Iris Mann