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Episodes of See One Beautiful Soul

Episode 1: The Why Behind See One Beautiful Soul (iTunes)

Episode 1 on Spotify

Join Barbara Heller as she Opens Her Heart and Shares Why She Created See One Beautiful Soul, the Podcast. Hear a little bit about her background and what makes her curious about people and how we See each other.

Episode 2: A Perfectly Clear Path with Azim Khamisa Pt A (iTunes)

Episode 2 on Spotify

How can a father forgive the murderer of his son? Join Barbara Heller as she interviews a forgiveness superhero, Azim Khamisa.

Episode 3: A Perfectly Clear Path with Azim Khamisa Pt B (iTunes)

Episode 3 on Spotify

Now what? Now that we know Azim is a survivor of severe trauma, learn in Part B how he brings light into the world every single day.

Episode 4: Always Choose Your Soul-ar System with Benson Simmonds – JoyHealer Pt A (iTunes)

Episode 4 on Spotify

What is a JoyHealer? Get to know author and life coach, Benson Simmonds, as he shares his awesome vocabulary and meditative practices that include his take on the human beings two operating systems.

Episode 5: Always Choose Your Soul-ar System with Benson Simmonds – JoyHealer Pt B (iTunes)

Episode 5 on Spotify 

Want some practical tools you can use to be filled up with light? Join Benson Simmonds aka “Joy Healer” as he shares some Original Guided Mindful Meditations just for our listeners!

Episode 6: The Anointed Road with CC and Derek Murray Pt A (iTunes)

Episode 6 on Spotify

What’s the best way to approach someone who appears to be so different from us on the outside? How will I ever let go of anger from my ancestors? What the heck is a Prayerambulance? These are just a few questions which we’ll answer in The Anointed Road with CC and Derek Murray.

Episode 7: The Anointed Road with CC and Derek Murray Pt B (iTunes)

Episode 7 on Spotify

Loved the first part of CC and Derek’s interview? Listen to these three stories about racial injustice and how these two super heroes inspired those around them to see the Light!

Episode 8: A Love Letter to My Fellow American Souls (iTunes)

Episode 8 on Spotify

As we head into Election season please take a moment to hear this love letter to our listeners and the rest of our soul family around the world. May this episode bring you more compassion and ultimately more peace.

Episode 9: The Cave You Fear to Enter is the Cave that Holds Your Treasure (iTunes)

Episode 9 on Spotify

Join comedienne Kara Buller as she takes us through growing up in a partly Mennonite household and the immense value of becoming sober and forgiving abusers.


Episode 10: Boxes Are for Things Not People: Tehran the Comedian (iTunes)

Episode 10 on Spotify

Take a listen to the philosopher aka Modern Day Comedian, Tehran, and I dare you not to learn a thing or two.  You may be inspired to take a few moments to sit in silence and do some critical thinking for yourself after listening to this episode.  Also included in this interview are Barb’s voice impressions of Helen Hunt and Sandra Bullock.


Episode 11: We Are Here to Grow: Danny Cohen, Comedian (Itunes) 

Episode 11 on Spotify

What is the Prayer you Pray at night when you are feeling lost? How much are you tied to your sexual identity? Why are we here in the first place? What do you tell yourself when you are truly mystified in life? What does a true friendship of unconditional love really mean?

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