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Episodes of See One Beautiful Soul

Episode 1: The Why Behind See One Beautiful Soul (iTunes)

Episode 1 on Spotify

Join Barbara Heller as she Opens Her Heart and Shares Why She Created See One Beautiful Soul, the Podcast. Hear a little bit about her background and what makes her curious about people and how we See each other.

Episode 2: A Perfectly Clear Path with Azim Khamisa Pt A (iTunes)

Episode 2 on Spotify

How can a father forgive the murderer of his son? Join Barbara Heller as she interviews a forgiveness superhero, Azim Khamisa.

Watch the Trailer here

Episode 3: A Perfectly Clear Path with Azim Khamisa Pt B (iTunes)

Episode 3 on Spotify

Now what? Now that we know Azim is a survivor of severe trauma, learn in Part B how he brings light into the world every single day.

Episode 4: Always Choose Your Soul-ar System with Benson Simmonds – JoyHealer Pt A (iTunes)

Episode 4 on Spotify

What is a JoyHealer? Get to know author and life coach, Benson Simmonds, as he shares his awesome vocabulary and meditative practices that include his take on the human beings two operating systems.

Watch the Trailer here

Episode 5: Always Choose Your Soul-ar System with Benson Simmonds – JoyHealer Pt B (iTunes)

Episode 5 on Spotify 

Want some practical tools you can use to be filled up with light? Join Benson Simmonds aka “Joy Healer” as he shares some Original Guided Mindful Meditations just for our listeners!

Episode 6: The Anointed Road with CC and Derek Murray Pt A (iTunes)

Episode 6 on Spotify

What’s the best way to approach someone who appears to be so different from us on the outside? How will I ever let go of anger from my ancestors? What the heck is a Prayerambulance? These are just a few questions which we’ll answer in The Anointed Road with CC and Derek Murray.

Watch the Trailer here

Episode 7: The Anointed Road with CC and Derek Murray Pt B (iTunes)

Episode 7 on Spotify

Loved the first part of CC and Derek’s interview? Listen to these three stories about racial injustice and how these two super heroes inspired those around them to see the Light!

Episode 8: A Love Letter to My Fellow American Souls (iTunes)

Episode 8 on Spotify

As we head into Election season please take a moment to hear this love letter to our listeners and the rest of our soul family around the world. May this episode bring you more compassion and ultimately more peace.

Watch the Trailer here

Episode 9: The Cave You Fear to Enter is the Cave that Holds Your Treasure (iTunes)

Episode 9 on Spotify

Join comedienne Kara Buller as she takes us through growing up in a partly Mennonite household and the immense value of becoming sober and forgiving abusers.

Watch the Trailer for Ep 9 Here


Watch the Trailer of the first three Comedians Featured on SOBS here


Episode 10: Boxes Are for Things Not People: Tehran the Comedian (iTunes)

Episode 10 on Spotify

Take a listen to the philosopher aka Modern Day Comedian, Tehran, and I dare you not to learn a thing or two.  You may be inspired to take a few moments to sit in silence and do some critical thinking for yourself after listening to this episode.  Also included in this interview are Barb’s voice impressions of Helen Hunt and Sandra Bullock.

Watch the Trailer here

Episode 11: We Are Here to Grow: Danny Cohen, Comedian (itunes) 

Episode 11 on Spotify

What is the Prayer you Pray at night when you are feeling lost? How much are you tied to your sexual identity? Why are we here in the first place? What do you tell yourself when you are truly mystified in life? What does a true friendship of unconditional love really mean?

Watch the Trailer here

Episode 12 – Rabbi David Aaron – Embrace Yourself So You May Embrace Others (iTunes) 

Episode 12 on Spotify

Is there some self deception have embraced? If we truly want to Unite the world we have to begin loving ourselves. One we Love ourselves then we can begin loving everyone else. To Fix Ourselves is Not a Quick Fix but it is a start at at Uniting the Entire World. Interest leads to Love and Attraction. Every Human Being Is Worth Getting to Know.

Watch the Trailer here

Episode 13 -Nancy Cleaveland Driscoll – Love is the Magical Ingredient That Make Everything Happen! (iTunes)

Episode 13 -on Spotify

Join Writer and Educator Nancy Cleaveland Driscoll as she shares her courageous incredible life journey with us.  You will pick up tips for How to Forgive the most Horrifying of Tormentors and for How to Live a Life of Thriving.  She is an angel and has a Servant’s Heart.  You will be glad you tuned in.  And if you know someone who is currently in an abusive relationship of any kind please fwd this episode to them.
Emmy and Golden Globe Winning TV Writer, Speaker and Teacher of wisdom, David Sacks stops by to share his thoughts on Forgiveness, How do Deal with Failure, and the Wisdom he wished all humans knew.
Can Meditating as an Individual as well as within a community actually Prevent the Spread of Disease? Meet Dr. Hemal Patel is a professor and Vice Chair for research in the Dept. of Anesthesiology at UCSD and runs a vibrant research program that has a main focus of studying membrane structural protein including the effects of mediation on physical health. His team’s recent studies on Blood are making people consider taking on Meditation Practice individually and in community (whether online or socially distanced in person communal outdoor meditation.) Can Meditation prevent diseases like Covid 19? Listen to the full episode to find out! 
Is it possible to survive physical emotional and sexual abuse and not call yourself a victim? How can we find heavenly moments in our lives right now? What is something I can do to call in the Love of my life? Find out the answers to all of these questions and more listening to the wisdom of Gold Medal Winning Figure Skater, Sierra Sophia Mercier in Episode 16 of See One Beautiful Soul!
http://bit.ly/ArticleCovidRavYosef – article referenced in this episode

Episode 17 – Life is like a River, Flow with it and See What’s Around the Bend – Rabbi Benji Leven‪e‬ – Part 1  (On iTunes)Episode 17 – on Spotify 

Watch the Trailer here

Episode 18 -There are Treasures in Your Suitcase, Complete Your Mission. – Rabbi Benji Levene Part 2
Join Author, Speaker, and The Journey Work Creator, Brandon Bays as she shares wisdom from her heart about giving up ego and giving into the truest healer she’s ever known, Forgiveness.  Her story is one that will astound, inspire, and MOVE you to do the deepest work of Loving yourself and others whole-y
Get Back Outside! with Ambition the Poet – Episode 2‪1
Learn Deep Wisdom from the First Foster Care Poet
Ambition The Poet, the first foster care poet in US history, and 3x author of the series: From the Tongue of a Foster Child takes us on the colorful journey of his life thus far and shares some of the very deep heartfelt wisdom that he has learned along the way.  Grab a tissue, and a notebook!
Making Faith and Forgiveness Fashionable with Funmi Ford – Episode 22
Episode 22 On Itunes
Episode 23 – Breaking Free – Tabby Refael’s Search for Meaning and Kabob Skewers A 6 Year old Refugee’s Story of Leaving War Torn Iran and 30 year old Shackle Removal. Join writer Tabby Refael as she takes us through her family’s traumatic escape from Iran and some of the shocking and hilarious escapades she experienced trying to assimilate in the slums of Beverly Hills.
Listen to
Episode 24-Join Activist, Author, Comedian, Renowned Speaker, and Educator, Joshua Silverstein, for his unique perspective on being arrested multiple times as an innocent teen, what the BLM movement really means, and how we can safely and efficiently let go of the chains of the past and move forward, worldwide.
Ep. 25 Join Renowned Author and Speaker Kute Blackson as he shares some pivotal moments in his journey to Spiritual Alignment and profound questions you can ask yourself while listening to have a transformational experience! When we realize my soul chose this and it happened for my evolution that’s when we can truly shift our experience out of victimhood and truly forgive.
Listen to the whole episode here:
Join his workshops and pick up his new book here: www.KuteBlackson.com
How Mothering Gave Me New Perspective on My Past – Rochelle Currie – Ep 26
Can Forgiving Others Allow in New Blessings and Divine Appointments?
Inventor, Skin Care Expert, Mom, Wife, and Author, Rochelle Currie shares her deep faith and how her perspective on Blessings and Forgiveness changed so much after she became a mother.
Join the host of the 6 foot 7 Podcast, Chris Crutchfield as he asks some powerful questions about the state of the World and how we are all approaching the future.
IG: @67Podcast
Listen to the whole episode on:
Watch the Trailer here
Why Question Your Fundamental Beliefs? Hussein Aboubakr on See One Beautiful Soul Podcast – Ep 28
Join author and speaker Hussein Aboubakr as he discusses the uncomfortable truths that not enough of us are sitting with. If you want hope for the future watch this! Get this Book! Minority of One -on Amazon.
Find this entire podcast on


Humanizing the Other Creates Room for Identity & Transformation – Rav Hanan Schlesinger Ep 29
We Have to Find Ways of Allowing for Multiple Truths & the Letting Go of Exclusivity Rav Hanan Schlesinger talks about his major life changing transformation which has caused him to be hated and loved at the same time from people of all backgrounds around the world.
Listen to the whole thing here

Let Go of Blame Open Up to Your Infinite Powers to Heal – Episode 30 with Zach Schaffer

Are we justifying our own actions within different contexts, but holding Others to a higher Standard of Moral Excellence? Zachary Schaffer is a facilitator, educator, and organizer based in NY.  He has trained thousands of leaders around the country in depolarization, storytelling, and community-building. Listen to his approach on how to have a “conversation with Others” versus trying to “defeat” or “changing minds”.  www.zachschaffer.com

Listen to the Whole Episode here

Sharing My Story and Forgiveness Freed My Heart to Find True Love – Ep 31 with Brenda Adelman

Passionate about helping people live better lives, Brenda is StoryTeller, Actress, and life-coach focusing on the power of forgiving the unforgivable and teaches SOULOpreneurs how to craft and share their story for Big Impact.
Listen to the whole thing plus bonus materials here:
Eric and Susan Kellum – Surviving Infidelity and Thriving Through True Intimacy Ep 32

Eric and Susan also provide counseling and marriage workshops to other married couples.   They each have a distinctly heroic point of view and share their wisdom so eloquently.  This episode is bound to restore your faith in the institution of marriage and true love.  You may learn some key pointers in how to foster and grow in your current or future partnership. 

Jump and the Angels Will Appear to Help – Jennifer Gallegos, Episode 33 -Surviving Moments of Abduction and Human Trafficking

Hear just a few of the moments of Survival this Superhero was able to Soar through.  Jennifer Gallegos is a Mom, Wife, Entrepreneur, Mechanic, and LifeCoach.  This episode may just inspire you to keep your eyes and heart open to someone in your own community who could use a helping hand or courageous chat.

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Listen to the whole thing on

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See One Beautiful Soul is a podcast by Barbara Heller. Real life stories about people who use their Super Powers to Forgive, Create, Respect, and Love every living being as part of the One Connected Soul that we are.

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